2014 Midwestern Regional Meeting, American Conference for Irish Studies

November 7-8 at Oakland University, Rochester, MI

“Ireland: The Great War, Conflict, and the Modern Age”

          The Great War’s effects upon the “long” twentieth century might well have been to make conflict a central feature of modernity.  Its effects upon Ireland were profound, and the war, and the culture of conflict that dominated the twentieth century, played a major role in Ireland.  The effects cut across the range of issues from politics to society, from economics to culture and the arts.   With the Great War as a centerpiece, and with conflict in Ireland as a theme, to what extent do these play a role in the shaping of modernity in Ireland?  Of course, proposals should not feel constrained by the theme and as is our practice we welcome proposals on anything related to Ireland and the Irish diaspora.

The deadline for proposals is 30 June, 2014.  Please send individual paper or panel proposals, through the post or via email to:   ACIS Midwest Regional, Seán Farrell Moran, Department of History, Oakland University, Rochester, MI  48309    or moran@oakland.edu

Conference Site

Our conference site, as it was for the regional meeting in 2000, will be the historic Meadowbrook Hall (above), one of the great houses in America.  A National Historic Landmark located on the Oakland University Campus, Meadow Brook Hall is a 110 room mansion built in the late 1920’s.  Standing within a setting of great natural beauty, it represents one of the finest examples of Tudor-revival architecture in America and is especially renowned for its superb craftsmanship, architectural detailing and its grand scale of 88,000 square feet, making it the sixth largest home in America. We will have a tour of this amazing house during the meeting.