“Yeats’s Mask, Yeats Annual No. 19”, edited by Margaret Mills Harper and Warwick Gould

Published by Open Book Publishers in association with the Institute of English Studies, University of London, “Yeats’s Mask, Yeats Annual No. 19” is a special issue in this renowned research-level series. Chronologically tracing the concept of the Mask through Yeats’ plays and those poems written as ‘texts for exposition’ of his occult thought which flowers in A Vision (1925 and 1937), the volume also spotlights ‘The Mask before The Mask’ in numerous plays including Cathleen Ni-Houlihan, The King’s Threshold, Calvary, The Words upon the Window-pane, A Full Moon in March and The Death of Cuchlain.

This edition of Yeats Annual also includes studies of Yeats’s friendship with the Oxford don and cleric, William Force Stead, his radio broadcasts, the Chinese contexts for his writing of ‘Lapis Lazuli’, and his self-renewal after The Oxford Book of Modern Verse. In addition, the key occult epistolary exchange ‘Leo Africanus’, edited from MSS by Steve L.

Adams and George Mills Harper, is republished from the elusive Yeats Annual No. 1 (1982). Ten reviews focus on various volumes of the Cornell Yeats MSS Series, his correspondence with George Yeats, and numerous critical studies.

“Yeats’s Mask, Yeats Annual No. 19” was published on 22 December 2013 and can be read for free online at  http://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/233

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