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The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland edited by Professor Harry White, UCD School of Music and Barra Boydell, former Professor in the Department of Music at NUI Maynooth.

The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland (EMIR) is the first comprehensive attempt to chronicle the history of Irish music. The book features contributions from 239 individuals and covers an exhaustive range of topics in the domain of Irish musical history: secular and religious music to 1600; art music, 1600-2010; Roman catholic church music; Protestant church music; popular music; traditional music; organology and iconography; historical musicology; ethnomusicology; the history of recorded sound; music and media; music printing and publishing; and, music in Ireland as trade, industry and profession. This beautifully produced, landmark publication, represents the single largest research project on music in Ireland to have been undertaken to date.

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Latest in our Life and Times New Series – Terence O’Neill by Marc Mulholland

This book recounts the political life of Stormont’s most controversial leader. Marc Mulholland’s fresh take on Terence O’Neill exhibits how he propelled Northern Ireland into a new political era right up until the moment he was ‘literally blown from office’ in April 1969 and thirty years of violence had begun.

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Two New Classics of Irish History

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The Queen of the Hearth with an introduction by Philip O’Leary

Written by Father Patrick Dinneen, this highly controversial, anti-feminist text serves as an insight into the ideas of a major Irish-Ireland intellectual on one of the most important political, social, and moral questions of his time. This intriguing work offers the original text preceded by a general introduction by leading Irish studies scholar Philip O’Leary.

Irish Homes and Irish Hearts with an introduction by Mary McAuliffe

Between 1864 and 1867 Fanny Taylor made many trips to Ireland and Irish Homes and Irish Hearts (1867) is an eye-witness account of her visits to the many Irish Catholic religious orders, including the Magdalene homes. While this is a relatively uncritical study of the Irish religious orders it remains a valuable source of information for mid-nineteenth-century Irish social and religious history.

New History

Parnell Reconsidered edited by Pauric Travers and Donal McCartney

This collection of essays by leading scholars and Parnell experts reconsiders Charles Stewart Parnell and the Parnell family legacy in the context of the late nineteenth century. New and revealing perspectives are offered on Parnell’s relationship with Anna Parnell, the Ladies Land League and the role of Paris in Parnell family history. This wonderful collection of thought-provoking essays shows that Parnell is a subject that still evokes curiosity and intrigue.

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War of Words edited by Judith Devlin and Christoph Hendrick Muller

War of Words is a revealing collection of essays on the role of propaganda, mass media and culture in the development of the Cold War in Europe. Written by leading experts in the field these essays offer a fresh insight into the cultural dimensions of the early Cold War.

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