CFP Eire-Ireland Broadcasting Special Issue

Eire-Ireland: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Irish Studies welcomes submissions for a 2015 special issue on the impact of radio and television on Irish culture. With the 50th anniversary of RTÉ television in 2012, a new, more retrospective phase of Irish media history was given a focus. This special issue of Eire-Ireland seeks to develop that focus. Accordingly, the guest editors seek essays that explore the role of broadcasting in Ireland from a range of perspectives and methodologies, including (but not confined to) history, cultural studies, literary studies, media studies, film studies, musicology, or gender studies, in order to develop a fresh understanding of the role of broadcasting in Irish culture.

We welcome submissions that examine such areas as the interaction between literary and broadcasting cultures, the political and legal history of Irish media, media and current affairs, media and globalization, Irish-language broadcasting, the role of the media in liberalizing Irish society, the media and Northern Ireland, as well as more speculative essays on media, technology and society in Ireland. The editors are likewise interested in essays that consider new sources and research methodologies, particularly in the area of digital humanities, that will help establish the scholarly ground for future work in the area. Ultimately, the editors hope to bring together a collection of essays that will consolidate a comparatively new and developing area of Irish studies.

The deadline for submissions, which should be between 6000 and 8000 words, is 1 September 2014. All submissions will be subject to peer review. Literature & Arts submissions should be prepared according to the MLA Style Manual; History & Social Sciences submissions should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style.
Please send your submission electronically to both guest editors:  and

Professor Chris Morash Professor                                                                Robert J. Savage, Jr.
NUI Maynooth                                                                                                  Boston College