Ireland and the Czech Lands: Contacts and Comparisons in History and Culture

Edited by Gerald Power and Ondrej Pilný


Oxford: Peter Lang

235 pp. | ISBN 978-3-0343-1701-6 | £40.00

In recent years Irish scholars have become increasingly interested in Ireland’s profound and ongoing relationship with continental Europe. This volume is the first multidisciplinary collection of essays on Irish comparisons and contacts with the Czech Lands from the early modern period to contemporary times. Written by leading specialists and emerging scholars, the essays explore Irish-Czech exchanges and parallels in a variety of fields including history, politics, literature, theatre, journalism and physical education. Collectively, these essays demonstrate that Ireland and the Czech Lands have much in common and that they have enjoyed deep cultural connections: both countries are small European states with imperial pasts and a tradition of mutual migration and cultural transfer. Until now, however, Czech-Irish commonalities and connections have largely been overshadowed by both countries’ interactions with bigger, more powerful nations. This book remedies this neglect, offering new research which not only sheds light on Irish-Czech connections and contacts, but also offers new perspectives on the positions of both societies within the wider European context.

Contents: Gerald Power/Ondřej Pilný: Ireland and the Czech Lands: An Introduction – Gerald Power: Monarchy, Nobility and State Formation in Bohemia and Ireland, c. 1526-1609 – Jiří Brňovják: The Integration of Irish Aristocratic Émigré Families in the Czech Lands, c. 1650-1945: Selected Case Studies – Hedvika Kuchařová/Jan Pařez: The Last Community: Irish Franciscans after the Dissolution of the Prague College, 1786 – Martina Power: From Indirect to Direct Comparison: Bohemian-Irish Analogies in German and British Travel Writing, c. 1750-1850 – Lili Zách: Irish Intellectuals and Independent Czechoslovakia in the Interwar Period: Reflections in Catholic Journals – Daniel Samek: The Czech Sokol Gymnastic Programme in Ireland, c. 1900-1950 – Bohuslav Mánek: The Czech Reception of Irish Poetry and Prose, c. 1790-2013 – Justin Quinn: California Dreaming: Miroslav Holub and Seamus Heaney – Ondřej Pilný: Irish Drama in the Czech Lands, c. 1900-2013.

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