Jofis 3: Winds of Change in France and Ireland

[private] JOFIS: Journal of Franco-Irish Studies
Number 3, Summer 2013
“Winds of Change in France and Ireland”

Guest editor: Claudia Luppino
Following on from the success of the 2008 and 2011 editions, the third issue of the online, peer-reviewed e-journal JOFIS (Journal of Franco-Irish Studies) is soon to be published on Arrow, the special digital repository of Dublin Institute of Technology. Revolving around the pivotal common denominator of change, the scholarly writings presented in this collection provide a wide and diverse range of perspectives and challenging critical reflections on how the winds of change that have swept over France and Ireland at crucial historical moments have affected the cultural production stemming from these countries and their peripheries. This rich and eclectic collection of essays makes an important contribution to the current cultural debate around the transformation of the globalised world and the shifting balance of its internal powers and voices.

List of Contents
CLAUDIA LUPPINO – Introduction
Section 1 – A view from afar: changing perspectives on Irish and French culture in the new millennium.
AILBHE MCDAID – ‘Breakfast-time back home’?: ‘New Irish’ poets Greg Delanty and Eamon Wall.
CÉCILE MAUDET – Change as threat: Envisioning the E/end in Colum McCann’s two collections of short stories.
CATHERINE O’BRIEN – The Emigrant Experience: Sebastian Barry’s On Canaan’s Side (2011).
SHEILAWALSH – A Prophetic Voice? Albert Memmi’s Portrait du décolonisé arabo-musulman et de quelques
Section 2 – Historical change and individual crisis: Irish identities on stage.
AMY BURNSIDE – ‘He thinks he’s entangled in a net’: The web of continental associations in Waiting for Godot.
VIRGINIE GIREL-PIETKA – ‘Winds of change’ in The Moon in the Yellow River and The Dreaming Dust by Denis
Johnston: staging identity in a crisis.
CHU HE – Incomplete initiations in Brian Friel’s plays.
Section 3 – Representing society at times of change: rural and urban landscapes of France and Ireland.
LAUREN CLARK – Rev. George Brittaine and Joris-Karl Huysmans and sensitive subject/object matters: Literary
representations of cultural change?
MARJAN SHOKOUHI – ‘If you even go to Dublin town…’: Kavanagh’s urban flânerie and the Irish capital.