Symposium ‘Location of Narratives”, & June at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast



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This event is part of the launch of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice (ISCTSJ) at Queen’s University Belfast.

It is organised by the Interdisciplinary Research Group ‘Art, Performance and Media in (Post-) Conflict Societies’, hosted and funded by the ISCTSJ

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A decade and a half after the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, debate in Northern Ireland is increasingly focused on what have become known as ‘legacy issues’ – particularly the ways in which experiences of conflict, violence, injustice, and division are articulated and received within the public and private realms. This symposium aims to explore the framework of that debate and the issues it incorporates by bringing together a range of different perspectives and approaches.

The event is organized under the theme of the ‘location of narratives’ and, as such, it will examine how stories are created, imagined, represented, and heard. Questions of ownership and authorship will be addressed, as will the ethical implications of storytelling. Speakers will also look at the re-presentation of experiences in the physical environment and how material objects and/or locations trigger specific narratives.

Panels will address themes such as Storytelling & Performance; Imagining Narratives; and The Ethics of Archives, with speakers from a range of organisations including Healing Through Remembering; Theatre of Witness; Kabosh; Northern Ireland Arts Council, and academic institutions. A round-table session will focus on the BBC documentary, The Memory Man (2013), with Peter Heathwood, Alex Bunting, and Mike Connolly.

 Keynote speakers are Dr Alison Jeffers, Lecturer in Applied Theatre and Contemporary Performance (University of Manchester), and Professor Elizabeth Crooke, who works on Museum and Heritage Studies (University of Ulster).

 The event will close with a performance workshop with actors from Chatterbox Theatre Company directed by David Grant.

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