ed. Lisa Fitzpatrick (Dublin: Carysfort, 2013)

This collection of fourteen new essays by scholars of literature, theatre, historiography, psychology and political science explores aspects of feminism in Ireland four decades after the founding of the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement, through the lens of performance. The tremendous changes to the social, economic, educational and personal lives of Irish women are discussed and analyzed here in terms of the everyday performance of being a woman in Ireland, and the everyday negotiation of gender roles and expectations in Irish society in the twenty-first century. The essays address such disparate areas as the visibility of women practitioners in the 2011 Dublin Theatre Festival; Maeve Higgins' stand-up comedy; representations of gender and sexuality in theatre; gender and the iconography of the nation; women and publishing; motherhood; political activism, and reproductive rights.   


Introduction: Performing Feminisms

Lisa Fitzpatrick


Women in the Dublin Theatre Festival 2011

Sara Keating


Eating Tiny Cakes in the Dark: Maeve Higgins and the Politics of Self Deprecation in Stand-up Comedy

Susanne Colleary


Marina Carr – Writing as a Feminist Act

Brenda Donohue


Damned If You Do; Damned If You Don’t: Competing Feminisms in Irish theatre

Charlotte Headrick & John Countryman


Myth and Gender in Irish Drama

Tom Maguire & Carole-Anne Upton


Gendering the Nation in Iconography and Historiography

S.E. Wilmer & Mary Caulfield


“Midwives to Creativity”: Irish women and public(ation), 1975-1996

Megan Buckley & Julia Walther


“Judgemental oul’ hoors”: Catholicism in the work of Marian Keyes

Lisa McGonigle


Negotiating Tension and Conflict in the Mother-Daughter Relationship by Contemporary Irish Women Playwrights

Mária Kurdi


An Exploration of the Intergenerational Influences on Working Mothers

Jacinta Byrne-Doran


Rape, Murder and Mayhem: Women Writing Violence

Lisa Fitzpatrick


The Re-Performance of Oscar Wilde’s Feminism, Gender Roles and Sexualities in Contemporary Productions of his 1890s Plays

Aideen Kerr


 ‘Le Monkey Homosexual’: the role of Ruth McCarthy’s queerzines in Northern Ireland in the 1990s and 2000s

Alyson Campbell & Suzanne Patman


Protests, Parades and Marches: activism and extending abortion legislation to Northern Ireland

Fiona Bloomer