Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women


Proposals are welcome to an edited collection under the title Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women in Ireland

Editors: Miriam Haughton and Mária Kurdi to be published by Carysfort Press in late 2014

 From the 1990s onwards there are many emerging female voices in Irish theatre practice who look to make theatre in new and exciting ways. The current plethora of works achieved by women question and undermine the constructs and borders of personal and communal identity, concepts of femininities and masculinities as well as the established hierarchies of power in national institutions and traditional beliefs. Also, they bring to the fore the alternative social experiences which arise from time-space compressions in a globalised and digital cultural climate, while discovering suppressed narratives in the official patriarchal discourses of modern Ireland for a renegotiation of the value systems related to gender, class, ethnicity and multiculturalism.

                This prospective collection seeks to include papers and interviews which analyse and discuss the role of women in the changing shifts across the field of contemporary Irish theatre-making, South and North. Areas of interest for the volume are (but not limited to) innovative theatre practices by women in the respective work of

 — practitioners, directors, designers and/or actresses

— playwrights (Nancy Harris, Stella Feehily, Geraldine Aron, Ursula Rani Sarma, Trudy Hayes, Deirdre Hines, Emma Donoghue, Maria Connolly, Deirdre Kinahan, etc.) and/or collaborative groups

— performance artists and solo performers

— communal theatre programmes and events

 Proposals of 300-400 words for essays or interviews of 4000-6000 words should be sent to the editors until 31st March 2013, accompanied by a short bio (max. 100 words) of the author(s) . Contributors will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of their proposals by 20th April. Complete essays are due on or before 20th October 2013. 


 Dr. Miriam Haughton                                                  Prof. Dr. Mária Kurdi

miriamhaughton@hotmail.com                                  mkurdi@dravanet.hu