PHD Scholarships to IASIL 2013 in Belfast


Scholarship for PhD students to IASIL conference:


IASIL is offering scholarships to enable PhD students based at universities outside of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom to attend its annual conference to be held in 2013 at Queen’s University, Belfast. The awards will be made in accordance with the international mission of IASIL to support, extend and develop research on Irish Literature and will be particularly alert to the benefits that the conference’s theme (‘Urban Culture’) will bring to the applicants’ research topic. Award winners will have accommodation costs met, while those for flights will be awarded according to the limits given in the various country ‘bands’..  It should be noted that it is the location of the applicant’s university which will determine the appropriate travel cost band. Award winners will need to present original receipts for economy flights and will be reimbursed for those costs to the maximum given in the travel band document.

  • Award winners can only be confirmed if their papers are accepted by the conference organisers.
  • Conference fees are waived for participating Post-Graduates.


Since the new website has not gone live yet, we have extended the deadline for applications.  The final date for applications is 17 March, 2013.


If you would like an application form, reference form, and more detailed notes about the scholarship prior to the re-launch of our new website, feel free to send a query to Secretary, Dawn Duncan: