New Historical Novel by Margaret Mulvihill


Colleagues and students in Diaspora Studies, Irish Studies, and Women’s Studies will be interested in a new book by Irish writer Margaret Mulvihill, The Leaving Coat. This is an historical novel about an Irish immigrant nurse on a complex quest for her sister and, finally, for her own identity. The novel is set in 1890s New York City and also in Montana. The Leaving Coat engages with many interesting and necessary aspects of the Diaspora experience, and a great many other things ~ a new contribution to the literature of consolation, rather than desolation.  

 For an illustrated summary of Mulvihill’s Leaving Coat, view:

 For a brief summary of Mulvihill’s training and impressive credits in Irish feminist history, and other writings, view:

 Margaret Mulvihill welcomes opportunities to present a talk on the new book, at bookstores and campuses in London, Dublin, and New York City. Interested list subscribers may contact her at