Proposed Addition to Constitution for 2014 Decision

Proposed Text to be inserted in Constitution

7. Officers and Executive Committee

 (f) The Executive Committee will nominate Trustees authorised to manage financial transactions on behalf of IASIL. The Trustees shall be not less than two and not more than five in number, and will include the President and Treasurer of the organisation. The Association shall not incur any single expenditure exceeding €5,000 without the consent in writing of the Trustees of the organisation. The Association and/or the Trustees are authorised and empowered to borrow from time to time such sums of money to an extent not exceeding such amount, and upon such terms and conditions as may be authorised from time to time by a resolution of the Executive Committee of the organisation. No personal liability shall be attached to any Trustee acting in the ordinary and proper force of IASIL business.