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IASIL Conferences

Future IASIL Conferences

2013 Conference - Belfast

The 2012 IASIL Conference: Concordia University

2011 IASIL Conference - Leuven

2010 IASIL Conference - Maynooth

2009 IASIL Conference - Glasgow

2008 IASIL Conference - Portugal

2007 IASIL Conference - University College DUblin

2006 Conference - Sydney

2005 Conference - Prague

2004 Conference - Galway

2003 Conference - Debrecen

2002 Conference - Sau Paulo

2001 Conference - DCU and St Patrick's College (Dublin)

2000 Conference - Bath

1999 Conference - Barcelona

1998 Conference - Limerick

1997: Goteborg

1996: New York

1995: Cork

1994: Sardinia

1993: Cairo

1992: Trinity College Dublin

1991: Leiden University, Netherlands

1990: Kyoto, Japan

1989: Debrecen

1988: Coleraine

1987: Caen

1986: Uppsala, Sweden

1985: Belfast

1984: Graz

1982: University College, Dublin

1981: Wuppertal, Germany

1979: Maynooth

1978: Lille


1973: Cork

1970: Inaugural Conference, Trinity College Dublin




IASIL Conferences

Central to the activities of IASIL are the annual conferences. These are held in Ireland once every three years and hosted in other years throughout the world.

Click here for information on this year's IASIL Conference.

The inaugural conference of the Association was held at Trinity College, Dublin in 1970. Subsequent conferences have been held throughout Ireland, in University College, Galway; St. Patrick's College, Maynooth; University College, Dublin; Queen's College, Belfast; University of Ulster, Coleraine; University College, Cork, University of Limerick and Dublin City University/St Patrick’s College Drumcondra.

Conferences have also been held throughout the world, in such countries as Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Hungary and the United States.

A full list of our conferences may be viewed HERE.



IASIL Conferences - Terms and Conditions of Access to Conferences

IASIL conferences are private meetings of members of the Association. They are not intended to be open to the public or to non-members of the Association, though occasional arrangements may be made to facilitate such access on an ad hoc basis, subject to the approval of the Association and the individual conference organiser(s).

Conditions of access for non-members will vary from year to year; the conditions in force for one conference should not be seen as a precedent for future years' conferences.

All conference organisers reserve the right to deny access to the conference to non-members, or to cancel non-members' registration requests, without explanation.

The conferences are not held to provide opportunities for individuals or organisations to promote activities not directly related to the Association's activities (i.e. official Association business and the delivery of academic papers). Activities not included within the remit of IASIL conferences include but are not limited to the following examples: publishing, student recruitment, or the promotion of academic programmes.

IASIL conferences are not held for the purposes of conducting business on matters not directly relating to the Association's activities, such as job interviews, bookselling, or discussion of publication opportunities. No delegate should form the expectation of entitlement to conduct any such business.

Organisation of IASIL conferences is the responsibility of local organisers, working in conjunction with the Association's Executive. Arrangements for conferences may therefore change from year to year; no arrangement in place for one year's conference should be seen as a precedent for the organisation of future years' conferences.

Priority of access to the conference will always be given to IASIL members in good standing.

Non-members may be admitted from time-to-time, but as IASIL is a private organisation, conference organisers and the Association retain the right to refuse access to conferences to non-members, without explanation.


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