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IASIL Conference 2000

IASIL 2000 - Bath Spa - List of Accepted Speakers

AGUDO, Juan Franciso Elices ‘Trespassing Boundaries: Robert McLiam Wilson’s Eureka Street’

ARANSÁEZ, Cristina Pascual A New Approach to Oscar Wilde’s Literary Criticism: Revaluation of Wilde’s Aesthetics in the Perspective of Reception Theory

ARNDT, Marie ‘Sean O’Faoláin: Building a West for a Bird Alone in Erin – Self as Fiction’

ATFIELD, Rose Crossing the Border into ‘Strange Territory’: Mary Dorcey’s Transgression of Sexual Identity

BENDELLI, Giuliana John Banville’s The Book of Evidence: A Recent Example of the Well-known Irish Experimental Trend

BISHAI, Nadia ‘Prisoners and Poets’: Freedom and the Silence of Words

BLEE, Jill Reconstructing the Irish in Nnineteenth Century Ballarat: A Fictional Approach, The Liberator’s Birthday

BON, Margarita G. ‘We’re in the Roman baths at Bath’

BREWSTER, Scott Passwords: Border-Crossings in Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry

BRIAN, Michael Joyce Circumfering the Centre: Dubliners, Gnosticism, the Female Holy Ghost and other company

BROWN, Barbara Maurice Harmon’s A Stillness at Kiawah: Elegies for the Dispossessed

BROWN, Mavis ‘Dancing on the Threshold: A New Reading of J. M. Synge’s The Aran Islands

BUCHELT, Lisabeth ‘The Art of Dinnseanchas: Landscape as Aesthetic Object and Local Memory

BURKE, Patrick J. ‘Acts of Union’: Translations of Ironies, Ironies of Translation

BURLEIGH, David ‘Japs born and bred’: the Waddell family and Japan

CADOGAN, Alex ‘Maps tell us nothing’: Michael Hartnett and the border of language

CAHILL, Ann The Border and the Precipice: Sheridan Le Fanu and ‘Ultor de Lacy’

CALO, María Dolores Rorídguez ‘My (M)other/Myself: The Problematisation of Identity in Mary Morrissy’s Mother of Pearl’

CAMPBELL, Matthew Moore, Mangan and ‘the antithesis of plagiarism’

CARSON, Joanna A Wound in Place of Patria: The Poetry of Derek Mahon and his Relationship with Northern Ireland

CLARK, Heather Poetry and the BBC in Northern Ireland

COLLINS, Lucy Boundary Lines: Nuala Ni Dhomnaill in Translation

CONDE, M. Angeles Translating a Hibernian Portrait

CONLEY, Alison Reflecting Irish Culture for an American Audience

COTTREAU, Deborah The Charabanc Theatre Company: Women responding to Theatre in the North

COTTER, David Methodological Issues Involved in a Study of the Sexual Masochism in Joyce’s Writing

COWART, Claire Denelle ‘Facing Both Ways’: Anglo-Irish Attitudes in the Novels of Somerville & Ross

D’HOKER, Elke ‘The Perfect Artefact’: An Analysis of John Banville’s Artistic Paradigms

DAVIS, Graham Land Hunger changing state frontiers and Irish Identity: the life of Thomas O’Connor (1818-1887), cattle king of Refugio County, Texas

DELANEY, Paul ‘A Marginal Footnote to the Troubles’: Sean O’Faoláin’s Midsummer Night Madness

DEVITT, John Odd Men Out: The IRA in British Films

DWAN, David ‘The Great Refusal’: Journalism and the Self in late 19th Century /early 20th Century Irish Writing

DUNCAN, Dawn A Postcolonial perspective on Shaw’s Border-Crossing, Saint Joan

ELLIOTT, Maurice A Fish between the Lines: Paul Durcan’s Vision

FAHERTY, Michael Matthew Sweeney, Stephen Dobyns and the Neo-Narrative Movement in American Poetry

FERRIS, Sarah Round Tower Irishmen: Thomas Carnduff & John Hewitt

FISCHER, Dore ‘Perpetually in the Wrong Context’ : Sojourners in modern Irish Fiction and the Cross-Cultural Learning Experience

FITZGERALD, Jennifer ‘Blurring the Boundaries’: The Anomaly of Helen Waddell

FITZGERALD-HOYT, Mary ‘Mise Eire’: Gender, Nationality and Identity in Nuala O’Faoláin’s ‘Are you somebody

FLEMING, Brendan Translation, Transgression, and Sexuality in the Early Writings of George Moore

FOSTER, John Wilson Sarah Grand

FRIEDMAN, Geraldine The Ladies of Llangollen: Irish/Welsh Border Crossings, Romantic Friendship, and the 1798 Rebellion

GAILOR, Genoveffa Giambona Roddy Doyle’s Female Characters

GIBSON, Matthew Bram Stoker and the Balkans

GILLIS, Alan Non-Entities: Beckett, Poetry, Ireland

GOEDHALS, Antony W. B. Yeats’s ‘Language of the Eye’: Imaged Words, Imagined Worlds

GOODBY, John ‘Axiality and States of Chassis’: Writing Irishness in the Transnational Era

GORDON, Gareth Erasing the Trace: The Struggle for a Subject in the Text of the Good Friday Agreement

GRGAS, Stipe Flann O’Brien and his Irish National Identity

HARRIS, Claudia An Image of Wholeness: the Role of the Theatre

HARRIS, Peter James Too Long in Exile? Sean O’Casey and the Difficulty of being Irish in England

HARTE, Dr Liam & Dr Michael Parker Into the South: Ireland, Europe and the Quest for Identity in Contemporary Irish Fiction

HENDRIOK, Alexandra Roddy Doyle’s A Star Called Henry (1999) and the Easter Rising in Literature

HERRON, Tom Tourist Tripping: Irish Poets Encounter the West

HOLMSTEN, Elin The Arrival of the Other in Medbh McGuckian’s Poetry

HOLDRIDGE, Jefferson ‘Flowering Lawns and Stunted Trees’: Yeats, the Beautiful and the Sublime

HOMEN, Rui Carvalho ‘Of Beards and Breasts, Baldheads and Babies’: Muldoon’s Mongrel Families

HONG, Sungsook Glocalism in Seamus Heaney’s Poetry

HOPPER, Keith The Cultural Logic of the Celtic Tiger: Reflections on some Recent film Adaptations

HUBER, Werner "There Is Only One Green Army": Soccer as a Cultural Metaphor

HUGHES, William ‘The Triumph of Nature’: Reading the West Coast Sunset in Bram Stoker’s The Snake’s Pass

IKEDA, Hiroko Between Literature and History: Representation of the Fenian Movement by Lady Gregory and W. B. Yeats

ITO, Noriko Coming Back, But to Where?

IZARRA, Laura Irish Diasporic Voices in South American Border Narratives

JACKSON, Anna From Coracle to Waka: Robert Sullivan’s double-hulled identity

JACQUETTE, Kathleen Edna O’Brien: One Catholic, Female Author Confronts the Borders

JAMES, Lawrence Joycean Hypertext: Technology and the Word in Finnegans Wake

JONES, Ellen Carol Dividing Lines, Border Disputes: Ulysses

JORDAN, Carmel Rebellion in Stone: Concomroe Abbey and W. B. Yeats’s The Dreaming of the Bones

KATO, Fumihiko Forbidden Colors in East and West: the Transgressive Sensibilities of Mishima and Wilde

KELLY, Aaron ‘New Languages would have to be invented’: Representations of Belfast in Contemporary Fiction

KENNY, John Appallingly Funny: John Banville’s The Broken Jug

KIM, Youngmin The Discourse of the Spritual Double in the Poetry of Yeats and Heaney

KINGSTON, Madeline John Broderick: an Athlone Author in Search of a European Home

KNIGHT, Rhonda ‘The Kildare Poems’: Borders and Identity in Medieval Hiberno-English literature

KORTHALS, Thomas Crossing the Borders of National Pieties: The Easter Rising in Irish Drama

KULLMANN, Thomas Crossing Cultural Boundaries: Charles Robert Maturin’s The Milesian Chief (1812)

KURDI, Dr Maria Medea in Ireland: Brendan Kennelly’s Version of Euripides and Marina Carr’s Bog of Cats

LADRON, Marisol Moralies ‘(Con)fusing Borders’: The Politics of Place in Bernard Maclaverty

LANTERS, José ‘Anywhere That’s Not Here’: three plays by Marina Carr

LEVITAS, Ben On the Other Side of the Tracks: Dramatisations of the Irish Working Class 1900-1922

LYDENBERG, Robin Siting/Citing Ireland’s Fading History: Recent Installation Art by Deborah Cross

LYNCH, Vivian Valvano ‘Who is the father of any son…’: Sebastan Barry’s The Steward of Christendom

LYNCH, Patricia Transgressing boundaries of Class, Country and Morality post 1800: Hiberno-English in Maria Edgeworth’s The Absentee

MacKENNA, Dolores Edna O’Brien’s House of Splendid Isolation: An Antiphon of Love and Politics

MARKEY, Alfred Irregular Borders: Sean O’Faoláin and the Mapping of the Irish Mind

MASSOUD, Professor Mary Boundaries of the Self in Irish Poems about Egypt

MAZHAR, Amal Aly Transgressing/Transcending Sexual Identity: Sean O’Casey’s Juno and Nehad Gad’s Bus Stop

MCMULLEN, Anna The Drama of Samuel Beckett: ‘On the Borders of Performance’

MIKOWSKI, Sylvie ‘Indians and desperadoes’: Non-Irish Fiction by Irish writers

MOI, Ruben ‘Crossing the Line’: Is there Nothing Beyond Muldoon’s Text?’

MOLLOY, Frank ‘On Shallow Ground’: the Celtic Twilight in Australia

MOLONEY, Karen Marguerite ‘Millennia in Their Eyes’: The Motif of Sovereignty in the Poetry of Thomas Kinsella, John Montague, Eavan Boland and Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill

MORSE, Donald E. ‘The Ultimate Border’: Chris Lee’s The Map Maker’s Sorrow

MOYA, Ana Brian Gilbert’s Construction of Oscar Wilde in Wilde (1997): Fixing a national, cultural and sexual identity?’

MURAKATA, Akiko Parnell and his sisters through Japanese Eyes

MURPHY, Maureen The Literature of the Great Irish Famine Curriculum: Report from the Field

MURPHY, Shane ‘Remapping Ireland’

MURPHY, Neil ‘A Question of National Identity’: Forays into New Worlds in Contemporary Irish Fiction

MURPHY, Paul Yeats, Synge and the Sublime Subaltern

MURRAY, Ciaran Kyoto’s Temples to Tara’s Halls: The Exotic Sources of Anglo-Irish Literature

MUTRAN, Munira End of the Search: Sean O’Faolain

NAHUM, Katherine ‘Untainted’ Images of the West of Ireland?

NEWSINGER, John Gender and Identity in Ian McDonald’s Irish Science Fiction

NIC CRAITH, M. ‘Caledonian Connections’: Emerging Literature in Ulster-Scots

NOLAN, Jerry C. M. James Cousins, Hindu Celt

NORBELIE, Barbro The Border of In/Sanity: William Trevor’s Reading Turgenev and Doris Lessing’s ‘To Room Nineteen’

NORDIN, Irene Gilsenan ‘Crossing the threshold of Language’: Nuala Ni Dhomnaill and the Spiritual otherworld

O’CONNELL, Daniel National Identity and Ireland’s Culture Wars

O’CONNOR, Honor ‘Back to the desktop and the drawing board’: Derek Mahon’s Collected Poems(1999)

O’FLAHERTY, Gearoid National, Cultural and Sexual Transgression as Espoused by Oscar Wilde

O’NEILL, Patrick ‘Negotiating Borders’: Joyce in Irish

OBERMUELLER, Erin V. ‘Shifting Ground’: The Post-Colonial Past-Present in Eavan Boland’s Poetry

OLINDER, Britta Transgressing Borders in Northern Ireland: John Hewitt’s Relations to the Other Community

PARKER, Michael & Liam Harte ‘Into the South’: Ireland, Europe and the Quest for Identity in Contemporary Irish Fiction

PELLETIER, Martine ‘Traitors to the prevailing mythologies of the four other provinces’: Reassessing Filed Day Twenty Years On

PETTITT, Lance Unsettled Images: Irish Travellers and Film

RAJESHWARAN, Sridhar ‘The English Cup’, ‘Irish Coffee’ and ‘Black Sugar’: Post Colonial perspectives on William Butler Yeats

RANDACCIO, Monica Beyond Bailegangaire: ‘authority’ and ‘transgression’ in Martin McDonagh’s The Beauty Queen of Leenane

RENTON, Linda The Borders of Vision in Elizabeth Bowen’s novel The Heat of the Day and Harold Pinter’s screenplay adaptation

RIZK, Laila Galal Reworking Classics in Frank McGuinness’s Carthaginians

ROMANETS, Maryna Travesties, Transvestisms and Transgressions: Cross-Dressings and and Redresses in Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill’s Poetry

SALAZAR, Asier Altuna Garcia de Cursory Literary Approaches to the Union: Spain in the Substantiations of Anglo-Irish Discourse 1800-1815

SATAKE, Akiko M.J. Molloy and Folk History SC

AGGS, John ‘Cracking the Looking-Glass’: Desire and the Gaze in Contemporary Irish Fiction

SCHREIBMAN, Dr Susan The Library as a site of Transgression or The Rise and Fall of the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust in Ireland

SCIARRINO, Chiara Music in Jim Nolan’s The Salvage Shop

SERPILLO, Giuseppe Priests and Old Women Holding on to the Past: dreading and paving a way for the future in Sean O’Faolain’s Short Fiction

STEVENS, Julie Anne ‘The Light of the World’: Burlesque, Protestantism, and the Pre-Raphaelites in Somerville and Ross’s The Real Charlotte (1894)

STEWART, Bruce Metaphysical poets, revised Ontologies: Derek Mahon and Seamus Heaney

SWEENEY, Bernadette ‘A Passive Object?’: The Mother as Effigy in The Great Hunger

TALLONE, Giovanna ‘Unveiling the Vice’: A Reading of Brain Friel’s Faith Healer

TARIEN, Kersti John Banville’s Tetralogy between History and Science

TORAIWA, Masazumi It’s Just a Joke: A Short Story of Irish Jokes

TORAIWA, Naoko ‘I heard my voice talking to the dream-voice’: A Reading of Medbh McGuckian’s Shelmalier

TRACY, Robert Yeats and Pearse in Dialogue

TREZISE, Simon David The Victorian Construction of the Celt and the Response to it in the Prose Writings of Yeats and Synge

WAGNER, Peter The Dissemination of Epiphanies: Joyce and After

WALLACE, Clare Patrick McCabe: ‘Transgressions and Dysfunctional Irelands’

WALLACE, Kim ‘Here it Begins’: Figuring Identities in Dermot Healy’s A Goat’s Song

WONDRICH, Roberta Gefter Borders and Boundaries in Contemporary Irish Fiction

WONG, Linda Piu-Ling The Romantic Self in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Fisherman and His Soul’ and Tian Han’s ‘The Voice of the Ancient Lake’ and ‘Return to the South’

YAMASAKI, Hiroyuki Yeats’s Sense of Darkness as the Hybrid Source of Values

YDING, Lene Narrating in the First Person - O’Brien, Beckett and Banville

YI, Hyangsoon Friel, Border Crossing, and Turner’s Theory of Liminalty

ZACH, Wolfgang Japan in Irish Drama: Helen and Samuel Waddell’s Plays

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