PUBLICATION: ‘The Principles of Poetry DI + ID = Ѱ Psi’ Dr Kevin Kiely

Poetry from first principles (principia poetica) focuses on poets, poetry, the science of language and the language of science sourcing correspondences between DI and ID. ‘Intelligent Design’ (ID) is the scientific theory about an intelligent cause to life, the universe and ultimate reality. Divine Intelligence (DI) which is present in mysticism, theology, sacred texts, extrasensory experience, and supernatural discourse dominates writings of spiritual content within poetic language. Psi or ψυχή Greek for ‘psyche’ includes spirit, breath, lifeblood, soul and λογία (logos), more mundanely ‘mind’—called ‘the hard problem’ by material scientists.

The modern ‘church of science’ is agnostic/atheist, despite infamous precursors in Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Descartes who ‘accepted’ the tenets of mysticism within hermeticism. Scientific exploration before Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger and Oppenheimer sourced the beginning of the cosmos from astronomy, alchemy, geometry, chemistry, language and music […]. Kabbalists identify ‘Ain Soph’ as limitless Creator of languages manifest in reality, nature and poetry.   

Stephen Meyer’s ID theory: ‘evidence-based scientific theory’ and ‘not a religion’ from the Discovery Institute, Seattle debunks Darwin’s On the Origin of Species […] as dogma of new atheists: Dawkins (Richard), Dennet (Daniel), Hitchens (Christopher) and Krauss (Lawrence). Meyer’s scientific works The Signature in the Cell (2009), Darwin’s Doubt (2014) and Return of the G-d Hypothesis (2021) are tenuously (in minimal least actual quotation more paraphrase) compared with Dante’s InfernoPurgatorio and Paradiso in terms of imaginatively positing Meyer’s ‘journey’ towards DI + ID = Ψ Psi. 

Dr Kiely presents his vast array of poets, lines, quotations, and excerpts that dominate the text as linguistic DNA, ‘placed’ under the nano-microscope and critically analysed showing connections or not with DI + ID = Ψ Psi. Poets who convey mystical content through their poems, potentially enable mystical experience within the reader’s perceptions.

A major aspect of the methodology is to locate the origins of poetry and its correspondences with DI. This will be performed through nano-literary-analysis identifying and discussing theism, pantheism, deism, atheism within the elements of many poems over many centuries; basically, the words, lines, language, linguistics; morphology (shape, conceptual structure); syntax (arrangement of words) and diction (word-choice, word-usage, sound). Nano-literary-analysis based on ‘nano’ from the Greek nanos (νάνος) meaning “dwarf”. In terms of words and morphemes (parts of words), lines, language and whole poems: ‘nano’ is equivalent to micro-elements of poetry called ‘nanomaterials’.

The analysis builds up a clear glossary of terms for the nanomaterials of each poem exposed from ‘poetry samples’ to locate the correspondences relating to DI as self-evident. It is within the freedom of everyone to disagree or agree since this is not a fundamentalist text of theoretical criticism. There is no tearing apart of poetic lines; poetry is present to perform its nano-structure, its substructure and hyper-structure.


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