CFP: Spaces, Places and Psychogeographies of Ireland

Spaces, Places and Psychogeographies of Ireland
5th-6th November 2024
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis Campus

Guest speakers:

Dr Paul Delaney (Trinity College Dublin); Dr Deirdre Flynn (Mary Immaculate College); Northern-Irish writer Lucy Caldwell.

Spaces change over time. They may change due to climatic disasters, war, gentrification, or economic crises or booms, to name but a few reasons. Spaces also become places once they are embedded with affect and cultural signification, to paraphrase from Denise Lawrence-Zuniga (2017). In the specific case of Irish Studies, Gerry Smyth (2001) has stated that the interest in “the Irish local place” persists. The study of spaces has its origins in geography, but is here extended and applied to the study of the arts and literature. In the 8th edition of UFSC’s Irish Studies Forum, we invite contributors to submit proposals on how certain spaces in both Ireland and Northern Ireland have changed over time. How have they been shaped so that they become places of affect, memory, or trauma? How are they represented in Irish literature, drama, and cinema?

Proposals for Papers that address the theme of the event – Spaces, Places and Psychogeographies of Ireland – including comparative, translation, or intersectional studies, of 15-20 minutes, should include:

Author’s name, title of paper, abstract (150-200 words) and author’s bio (100-150 words), in Times New Roman 12, preferably in English, although Portuguese is also accepted.

Please submit your proposals to by August 9th, 2024.

The event will be held in person, with no registration fee. Proposals covering other topics within Irish Studies will also be considered, based on availability of slots, at the discretion of the organising committee.

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