New Publication The Joyce Country: ​Literary Scholarship and Irish Culture

This new book by the eminent critic David Pierce provides an informative and timely survey of contemporary approaches to Joyce and modern Irish writing over almost 40 years.

In a fresh opening survey Pierce explores the new departure for fiction heralded by A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and this is followed by essays on the hybrid landscape in Ulysses and on the distinctive style and humour of the ‘Eumaeus’ episode. Other pieces focus on the appeal of Irish short-story writer, Benedict Kiely, anthologies of Irish writing, and Irish writing in the years 2006-9.

The second half of The Joyce Country is devoted to twenty-six reviews of books about Joyce written from the 1980s to the present and grouped under several headings including ‘Joyce’s European Cities’, ‘Joyce, Yeats and the Matter of Ireland’, ‘Ulysses in Perspective’, and ‘Joyce and Modernism’.

Contents. Introduction; A New Departure for Fiction: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; The Hybrid Landscape in Joyce; Preparatory to Anything Else: The Opening to ‘Eumaeus’; Benedict Kiely Tribute; Anthologies of Irish Writing; History in the Making: Irish Writing in 2007; Joyce’s European Cities; Joyce, Yeats and the Matter of Ireland; Joyce and Modernism; Ulysses in Perspective; On Collections of Essays; On a Personal Note; Select Bibliography; Index.

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