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IASIL 2010
"Irish Literatures and Culture: New and Old Knowledges"
Monday 26 July to Friday 30 July 2010
National University of Ireland, Maynooth


The 34th annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL) is coming to NUI Maynooth in 2010.

Organised by An Foras Feasa and the School of English, Media and Theatre Studies.

The theme of the conference is 'Irish Literatures and Culture: New and Old Knowledges'. 

The conference programme will commence with a plenary lecture and opening reception on the evening of Monday, 26 July (registration will commence on Monday afternoon). The conference will close with a final dinner on Friday, 30 th July.

Cultural highlights include a poetry evening at Castletown House, Celbridge (for which there will be limited capacity), the launch of the online Bibliography of Irish Literary Criticism, and a series of screenings organised in collaboration with the Irish Film Archive.

To date, 230 paper proposals have been received; a full conference programme will be posted in early May.

Online registration for the conference and for accommodation will commence in mid April 2010 at

Registration fees (including lunches Tuesday to Friday and the opening reception) will be as follows:


Early Registration (before 31 st May)

Delegate 195 euro (without final conference dinner); 240 (with conference dinner)

Postgraduate/Unwaged 130 euro (without final conference dinner); 175 (with conference dinner)


Late Registration (after 31 st May)

Delegate 205 euro (without final conference dinner); 250 (with conference dinner)

Postgraduate/Unwaged 140 euro (without final conference dinner); 185 (with conference dinner)




Other News

A second and final call for papers has now been issued, with a deadline of 17 March 2010. More details here.

The postgraduate scholarship scheme is now closed.

Call for papers for edited collection


For further information, please contact Professor Margaret Kelleher at



About IASIL Conferences  

IASIL conferences are private meetings of members of the Association. They are not intended to be open to the public or to non-members of the Association, though occasional arrangements may be made to facilitate such access, on an ad hoc basis, and subject to the approval of the Association and/or the individual conference organiser(s).

Conditions of access for non-members will vary from year to year; the conditions in force for one conference should not be seen as a precedent for future years' conferences.

All conference organisers reserve the right to deny access to the conference to non-members, or to cancel non-members' registration requests, without explanation.

The conferences are not held to provide opportunities for individuals or organisations to promote activities not directly related to the Association's activities (i.e. official Association business and the delivery of academic papers). Activities not included within the remit of IASIL conferences include but are not limited to the following examples: publishing, student recruitment, and the promotion of academic programmes.

IASIL conferences are not held for the purposes of conducting business on matters not directly relating to the Association's activities, such as job interviews, bookselling, or discussion of publication opportunities. No delegate should form the expectation of entitlement to conduct any such business.

Organisation of IASIL conferences is the responsibility of local organisers, working in conjunction with the Association's Executive. Arrangements for conferences may therefore change from year to year; no arrangement in place for one year's conference should be seen as a precedent for the organisation of future years' conferences.

Priority of access to the conference will always be given to IASIL members in good standing.

Non-members may be admitted from time-to-time, but as IASIL is a private organisation, conference organisers and the Association retain the right to refuse access to conferences to non-members, without explanation.

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