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IASIL 2006 - "Those images that yet/ Fresh images beget" (W.B. Yeats 'Byzantium') University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Thursday 20 July to Sunday 23 July 2006

  IASIL Sydney - Thursday 20 July to Sunday 23 July 2006 inclusive

Arriving to Australia

BEFORE you book your airline tickets, please check with the Australian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence to see whether or not you need a visa to enter Australia. Please also remember that Australia has very strict quarantine regulations.


Most international flights to Australia cross several time zones so jet-lag will be a problem. Plan your visit to arrive sufficiently ahead of the Conference or pre-Conference tour to recover from jet-lag.

You can change money at the international airport. There is a bank with 2 ATMs within easy walking distance of the main Conference venue and several banks with ATMs on the UNSW Campus. Not all such banks however are able to change foreign currency on the spot.

You will be arriving in Sydney in the Australian winter. As a guide, last year for the period 20 to 23 July temperatures varied from 7to 8 degrees minimum to 18 to 21 degrees maximum, with occasional light rain, light to gusty winds, 39% to 67% cloud cover, and 8.7 to 10.00 hours of sunlight per day.

For information on Sydney weather in July please consult or


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