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IASIL 2008

Home and Elsewhere: the Spaces of Irish Writing

Oporto , Portugal , 28 July – 1 August 2008

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List of Accepted Papers (as of 7 February 2008) No further proposals are being accepted.


Home and Elsewhere: the Spaces of Irish Writing

Oporto , Portugal , 28 July – 1 August 2008

The International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures invites you to attend its 2008 conference at the Universidade doPorto, in Portugal.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Academics: Edna Longley , Professor Emerita, Queen’s University Belfast; Chris Morash , NUI Maynooth; Claire Connolly , Cardiff University

Writers: Michael Longley; Hugo Hamilton

The conference theme, Home and Elsewhere: the Spaces of Irish Writing, reflects the current prevalence within literary and cultural studies of notions of space, place, and territory (in a variety of acceptations, from physical to virtual). Suggested topics include:

• Irish locales, Irish identities;
• Irish writing and “other places” (utopias, dystopias, heterotopias);
• local and global, parochial and cosmopolitan in Irish writing;
• enabling elsewheres: texts and selves in transit; travel and/or translation in/of Irish writing;
• spaces of performance: Irish texts on stage and on screen;
• intermedial territories: Irish writing and other arts;
• versions of textual space: page, screen, cyberwriting.

Our first call for papers has resulted in over 130 proposals covering a broad range of approaches to Irish writing, with particular emphasis on the conference theme.

Confirmation of acceptance of proposals submitted by the first deadline will be issued in early February. A list of accepted papers and panels will then be posted at the IASIL website, as well as the conference’s

The deadline for this second – and final – call for papers is 15 February 2008.

Proposals for twenty-minute papers are welcome on the topics above and other aspects of the literatures of Ireland, within the range of interests of IASIL members.

Please include the following information with your proposal:

• a 250-300 word description of your paper;
• the full title of your paper;
• your name, postal address and e-mail address;
• your institutional affiliation and position;
• any AV requirements you might have;
• your IASIL membership status (i.e. present member, membership to be renewed, membership application submitted/to be submitted).

Participants may also want to propose their own thematic panels, to include papers delivered by 3 or 4 participants. Panel convenors should submit their proposal in broad observance of the criteria itemised above for individual proposals.

Please note that speakers must be members of IASIL for 2008 in order to present an accepted paper at the conference. To join IASIL, go to the membership page .

Please submit your proposal by e-mail, by 15 February 2008, to the organising committee of IASIL 2008 at

Please send your submission in plain text in the body of your e-mail and as an attachment in a Word document. Receipt of proposals will be promptly acknowledged by email.

Registration details will be posted online in March 2008.

All delegates must pay the conference registration fee in advance.

A note on travel and accommodation:

All delegates are responsible for their own registration, travel and visa arrangements, and accommodation.

Some relevant information regarding hotels is available on the conference website, (please see ‘Accommodation’)

Accommodation of different types, from budget to luxury, is available within walking distance, in some cases at a special rate to delegates. (E.g.: four- and five-star hotels near the conference venue are currently quoting rates of less than 80 euros per night for a couple sharing a double room; single accommodation at a three-star hotel can be booked for 50 to 55 euros per night. Early booking is advised if you wish to avail of these low prices.)

There are many direct flights to Oporto, from cities around Europe and elsewhere, operated both by conventional and low-cost airlines. (Again, prices are generally very reasonable, if booked early).

Organising committee:

Rui Carvalho Homem

Paulo Eduardo Carvalho

Adriana Bebiano

Teresa Casal

IASIL 2008 is hosted by the Department of Anglo-American Studies and the Irish Studies research group at the Institute for English Studies, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto.

Organising committee – IASIL 2008

Department of Anglo-American Studies

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

Via Panoramica, s/n

4150-564 Porto


Phone / Fax +351 22 6077183


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