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IASIL Conferences 2002

IASIL 2002 took place at Universidade De São Paulo (Brazil) 28 July-1 August 2002

The theme of the conference was ‘Irish Literatures and Other Forms of Knowledge’

Conference Programme - read it in html format or download the word document (.5 MB - may take some time to download).

As long-standing members of IASIL and editors of the Irish-studies journal ABES (to which numerous leading Irish poets have contributed), the organisers Munira Mutran and Laura Izzara were immensely well placed to organiser a stunning conference at the furthest reach from ‘metropolitan’ Ireland that the Association has so far ranged.

The Conference's interdisciplinary title - ‘Irish Literatures and Other Forms of Knowledge’ - embraces connections between Irish literatures and History, Psychology, Philosophy, Science, and the arts (music, dance, cinema, painting, &c.).

Critical Theory, Translation, Intertextuality, cultural encounters, Irish images abroad, and Irish culture were discussed. .

Contact Munira H. Mutran & Laura Izarra, Universidade de São Paulo- DLM, Av. Luciano Gualberto 403, 05508-900 São Paulo - SP, BRASIL; fax 0055-11-3032 2325, or email

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