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IASIL 2000 Proceedings

Beyond Borders: IASIL Essays in Modern Irish Writing

Edited by Neil Sammells

Sulis Press

These sixteen essays on modern Irish prose, poems and plays have been developed from papers delivered at the conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures’, held at Bath Spa University College in 2004. Beyond Borders offers an international perspective by bringing together voices from different national cultures and scholarly contexts. Each essay explores borders both literal and metaphorical in Irish writing, showing, for instance, how Irish authors look beyond national borders for influences and analogues, and how much Irish writing is corrosive and transformative of partition in its manifold forms. Among the writers discussed are W.B Yeats, James Joyce, Patrick Pearse, John Banville, Bernard Mac Laverty, Dermot Healy, Patrick McCabe, Matthew Sweeny, Paul Muldoon, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill, Eavan Boland, Chris Lee, Sebastian Barry, Martin McDonagh. Contributors: Louis Armand, Michall Faherty, Rui Carvalho Homem, Ellen Carol Jones, John Kenny, Marisol Morales Ladron, Vivian Valvano Lynch, Donald E. Morse, Paul Murphy, Erin V. Obermueller, Monica Randaccio, Maryna Romanets, Robert Tracy, Simon Tresize, Clare Wallace, Kim Wallace.

For orders, please contact Neil Sammells or visit the Sulis Press website. Cheques should be made payable to Bath Spa University College

Hardback ISBN 0-9545648-2-0 £45

Paperback ISBN 0-9545648-1-2 £15.99

The book is also available for purchase from -and from (the UK price is considerably chaper).

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