IASIL 2000

‘Irish Literature: Borders and Border Crossings’

Draft Programme

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Monday 24 July

2-6pm     Registration                                                                                          Michael Tippett Centre Foyer

6              Dinner                                                                                                    Dining Hall

7              Reception and Welcome                                                                     MTC Foyer

8              Poetry Reading with Matthew Sweeney                                          MTC

9              Bar                                                                                                          Students’ Union

Tuesday 25 July

8am         Breakfast                                                                                               Dining Hall

9                     Plenary:

Claire Connolly, ‘Cartographic Fictions:

Maps and Meanings in Irish Culture’                                              MTC

10.30           Coffee

11                  Panels:

1.        John Banville                                                                                TN G01

John Kenny,

‘Appallingly Funny:  John Banville’s A Broken Jug

Kersti Tarien ,

‘John Banville’s Tetralogy between History and Science’

Lene Yding,

‘Narrating in the first person: O’Brien, Beckett and Banville’

Elke D’Hoker,

‘The Perfect Artefact: An Analysis of John Banville’s Artistic Paradigms’

                2.     Ireland and Japan                                                                         TN G07

                        David Burleigh,

                        ‘ “Japs born and bred”: The Waddell Family and Japan’

                       Akiko Murakata,

                       ‘Parnell and his sisters through Japanese Eyes’

                      Ciaran Murray,

                      ‘Kyoto’s Temples to Tara’s Halls: The Exotic Sources of Anglo-Irish Literature’

                      Wolfgang Zach,

                      ‘Japan in Irish Drama: Helen and Samuel Waddell’s Plays’

                3.   Wilde                                                                                               NE  G02

                      Ana Moya,

                      ‘Brian Gilbert’s Construction of Oscar Wilde in Wilde (1997)’

                     Fumihako Kato,

                     ‘Forbidden Colors in East and West: the transgressive sensibilities of Mishima and Wilde’

                     Linda Piu-Ling Wong,

                     ‘The Romantic Self in Oscar Wilde’s “The Fisherman and His Soul”

                     and Tian Han’s “The Voice of the Ancient Lake” and “Return to the South”’

                     Cristina Pascual,

                     ‘A New Approach to Oscar Wilde’s Literary Criticism:

                     Revaluations of Wilde’s Aesthetics in the Perspective of Reception Theory’

                4.   Yeats                                                                                                NE 111

                      Hiroyuki Yamasaki,

                      ‘Yeats’s Sense of Darkness as the Hybrid Source of Values’

                      Jefferson Holdridge,

                      ‘ “Flowering Lawns and Stunted Trees”: Yeats, the Beautiful and the Sublime’

                      Robert Tracy,

                      ‘Yeats and Pearse in Dialogue’

                      Hiroko Ikeda

                      ‘Between Literature and History; Representation of the Fenian Movement

       by Lady Gregory and W.B. Yeats’

                5.    A Memorial for Adele Dalsimer                                                  SN G01

                      Robin Lydenberg,

                     ‘Citing/Citing Ireland’s Fading History: Recent Installation Art by Deborah Cross’

                      Katherine Nahum,

                      ‘ “Untainted” Images of the West of Ireland?’

                      Alston Conley,

                     ‘Reflecting Irish Culture for an American Audience’

                     Lisabeth Buchelt,

                     ‘The Art of Dinnseanchas: Landscape as Aesthetic Object and Local Memory’

1pm         Lunch with wine                                                                                   Dining Hall

2.30              Plenary:

Edna O’Brien discusses her biography of Joyce and reads from Wild December

4              Tea                                                                                                         Dining Hall

4.30              Panels:

1.        Hiberno-English                                                                           TN G01

Patricia Lynch,

‘Transgressing Boundaries of Class, Country and Morality post-1800:

Hiberno-English in Maria Edgworth’s The Absentee

Claire Cowart,

‘ “Facing Both Ways”: Anglo-Irish Attitudes in the Novels of Somerville & Ross’

Rhonda Knight,

‘ “The Kildare Poems”: Borders and Identity in Medieval Hiberno-English Literature’

                2.     Antipodean Perspectives                                                           TN G07

                        Jill Blee,

                        ‘Reconstructing the Irish in Nineteenth Century Ballarat:

                         A Fictional Approach, The Liberator’s Birthday

                       Anna Jackson,

                       ‘From Coracle to Waka: Robert Sullivan’s double-hulled identity’

                        Frank Molloy,

                         ‘ “On Shallow Ground”: the Celtic Twilight in Australia’

                3.      Translations                                                                                 NE G02

                         Lucy Collins,

                         ‘Boundary Lines: Nuala Ni Dhomnaill in Translation’

                         Patrick O’Neill,

                         ‘ “Negotiating Borders”: Joyce in Irish’

                         M. Angeles Conde,

                         ‘Translating an Hibernian Portrait

4.           Recent Northern Fiction                                                           SN G01

Neil Murphy,

‘ “A Question of National Identity”:

Forays into New Worlds in Contemporary Irish Fiction

Aaron Kelly

‘ “New Languages would have to be invented”:

Representations of Belfast in Contemporary Fiction

Juan Francisco Elices Agudo,

‘’Trespassing Boundaries: Robert McLiam Wilson’s Eureka Street

5.           Drama                                                                                           NE 111

Deborah Cottreau,

‘The Charabanc Theatre Company: Women responding to Theatre in the North’

Claudia Harris,

‘An Image of Wholeness: the Role of the Theatre’

Patrick Burke,

‘ “Acts of Union”: Translations of Ironies, Ironies of Translation’

6pm         Break and Buses into Bath

7                     Torchlight Civic Reception at Roman Baths. Guest of Honour: the Irish Ambassador

8                     Delegates disperse for dinner at restaurants in town

11            Coaches back to Campus

Wednesday 26 July

8am         Breakfast                                                                                               Dining Hall

9                     Panels:

1.  Edna O’Brien                                                                                   N 111

      Dolores McKenna,

      ‘Edna O’Brien’s House of Splendid Isolation:

       An Antiphon of Love and Politics’

      Kathleen Jacquette,

      ‘Edna O’Brien: One Catholic, Female Author Confronts the Borders’

                2.    Questions of Faith                                                                        G 01

                        Bruce Stewart,

                        ‘Metaphyisical poets, revised Ontologies: Derek Mahon and Seamus Heaney’

                        Julie Ann Stevens,

                        ‘ “ The Light of the World”:

                        Burlesque, Protestantism and the Pre-Raphaelites in Somerville and Ross’s

                        The Real Charlotte (1894)’

                         Madeline Kingston,

                         ‘John Broderick: An Athlone Author in search of a European Home’

                3.     Beckett                                                                                           G 07

                         Anna McMullen,

                         ‘The Drama of Samuel Beckett: ‘On the Borders of Performance’

                         Alan Gillis,

                         ‘Non-Entities: Beckett, Poetry, Ireland’

                4.      Other Lands (1)                                                                           NE G02

                         Mary Massoud,

                         ‘Boundaries of the Self in Irish Poems about Egypt’

                          Graham Davis,

                           ‘ “Land Hunger changing State Frontiers and Irish identity”:

                           the life of Thomas O’Connor (1818-87), the Cattle King of Refugio, Texas’

                         Asier Altuna Garcia de Salazar,

                         ‘Cursory Literary Approaches to the Union:

          Spain in the Substantiations of  Anglo-Irisih Discourse, 1800-15’

6.           Mythologies                                                                               SN G01

Jerry Nolan,

‘James Cousins, Hindu Celt’

Barbara Brown,

‘Maurice Harmon’s A Stillness at Kiawah: Elegies for the Dispossesed’