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Terms and Conditions of Use

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material included herein. However, IASIL shall not be liable for any difficulties arising from your use of this website. Such difficulties include but are not limited to the following examples: problems arising from inaccurate information, use of links, downloading of software, etc.

Links are provided as a service to IASIL members. The inclusion of a link to another website does NOT represent an endorsement of its services and/or the quality of the organisation that operates that website. Similarly, we do not necessarily endorse or approve of the content of external websites. We do however attempt to ensure that all links are to appopriate service providers. IASIL Members who object for any reason to the inclusion of a link on this website are most welcome to discuss their objections with the webmaster.

Any opinions included herein are not necessarily the opinions of IASIL.

Information - or statements on matters of opinion - included in this website may be out of date or otherwise superceded by subsequent developments. Statements of Association policy included in archival material may no longer apply.

All information on this website is COPYRIGHT unless explicitly stated otherwise. When in doubt, do not reproduce material on this website without first contacting the webmaster for approval.

Some information on the IASIL website - such as links and conference listings - is freely available online. However, the organisation of such information into listings - especially when those listings include commentary - should be regarded as RESEARCH published online. As with any other form of research, it is subject to copyright. If you do decide to copy information on this website for your own publication, please acknowledge the work done by us in researching, checking, posting, maintaining, and publicising this information, by including an acknowledgement and (where appropriate) a link. You may not copy commentary without permission. Likewise, reproduction of images is strictly prohibted.

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