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IASIL 2011
Irish Literatures: Conflict and Resolution
KU Leuven

18-22 July 2011



The 35th annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL) is coming to Leuven in 2011.

The programme for the 2011 IASIL Conference may be viewed here

Second Call for Papers

Irish Literatures: Conflict and Resolution

IASIL conference

Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium)

18-22 July 2011


Extension of deadline to St Patrick’s Day


Proposals for papers are invited for the 35th annual conference of the International Association of Irish Literatures (IASIL) to be held at Leuven, 18 – 22 July 2011. The conference theme is 'Irish Literatures: Conflict and Resolution'.

Conflict and resolution occupy a central place in the Irish literary imagination. Indeed, conflicting or conflicted identities can be found in most literary texts, whether on the level of the family and the individual or on a national and global scale. The conflicts may be of a cultural, religious, political or psychological kind and the resolution can be peaceful or violent, instant or delayed. Yet conflict and resolution also play a role in the style and structure of literary texts or in the dynamics of literary history, think of the tensions between poetics or the struggle between tradition and the avant-garde. Conflict is vital in that perspective and resolution produces the original and the great.

This conference seeks to address the role of conflict and resolution in Irish literatures from a variety of different perspectives. It will consider such topics as

- divided loyalties and conflicting identities in literary texts

- identity and conflict/resolution

- conflict and resolution in poetics and literary tradition

- conflict and resolution as an element of plot and rhetoric

- relation between thematic and formal elements of conflict and resolution

- transgenerational conflict

- conflict and memory

- crime and punishment

- ritual dimensions of conflict and resolution

- conflict and resolution between genders

- the literary response to political conflicts and resolutions throughout Irish history

- the role of literary texts in political conflicts and resolutions

Papers should be no longer than 20 mins. The organizers also particularly welcome proposals for panels of 3 or 4 papers. Please send a proposal of ca 200 words per paper with a short biographic presentation to before 17 March 2011.

Please don’t forget that only paid-up members are eligible to give a paper. You can join IASIL here.


Confirmed plenary speakers are


-Marianne Elliott, Director of the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool

-Margaret Harper, Glucksman Chair in Contemporary Writing in English, Limerick University

-Eamonn Hughes, Assistant Director of the Institute of Irish Studies and Senior Lecturer, School of English, Queen's University Belfast

-Pádraig Ó Macháin, Director of the Irish Manuscript Digitisation Project Irish Script on Screen (ISOS), School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

-Mary O’Malley will read from her poetry.

More information (programme, accommodation etc) will be provided soon on; the website will be updated regularly.  




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