New Publication: Sisters of the Revolutionaries


Sisters of the Revolutionaries: The Story of Margaret and Mary Brigid Pearse
By Teresa and Mary Louise O’Donnell

ISBN: 9781785371073
172 pages 16 illustrations
€13.50 (from


Sisters of the Revolutionaries focuses on the lives of Margaret and Mary Brigid Pearse, whose brothers, Patrick and Willie, were executed for their role in the Easter Rising and have been commemorated as martyrs ever since. Comparatively little is known about the two sisters, despite their considerable talents and their efforts to uphold the image of their brothers’ legacies.

Teresa and Mary Louise O’Donnell provide a fascinating insight into the lives of Margaret and Mary Brigid, illuminating the many joys of their upbringing, their personal trials following the Rising, and the poignant disintegration of their own relationship later in life. This book reveals the previously unknown importance of the Pearse sisters’ contributions and the formidability of their characters.


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