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Conference 2016

In the year in which Ireland marks the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, IASIL 2016 invites a wide-ranging discussion of change in Irish culture. 2016 also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Frank O’Connor, a writer whose life was irrevocably changed by the experience of political revolution, and whose writings reflect ceaselesslyRead More

News & Events

News & Events

IASIL members can catch up with everything that's happening here.

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Irish Studies Worldwide

Irish Studies Worldwide

Irish Studies encompasses global research subjects. A list of research institutes and centres is available here for your reference.

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IASIL is the premier international organization for scholars of Irish literatures and culture.  Since 1970 IASIL has brought international scholars together at its annual conference, promoted the continued growth of Irish Studies by providing scholarships to graduate students, and enriched our worldwide dialogue both virtually and visually through IASIL’s e-presence and our many journal and book-length publications by members of the IASIL professional community.

IASIL scholars represent every habitable continent, working in both the academic and arts related professions, making Irish Studies truly a global endeavor.

Members have full access to the IASIL website, Facebook, and Twitter media sources. All members are eligible also to present a paper at our annual international conference, where top writers and individuals associated with Irish Studies are plenary speakers.

As part of the membership fee, IASIL members receive two issues of the Irish University Review yearly (Spring and Autumn issues).

In addition, members are entitled to:

  1. Free online access to Irish University Review via www.euppublishing.com
  2. 20% discount to Society members on all EUP books;
  3. 10% discount on EUP journal subscriptions.

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